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Andi’s Story

She Believed She Could, So She Did.

Andrea, "Andi," Parhamovich was killed on January 17th, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq by a group of terrorists on her return from a political party training session. Born in the small town of Perry, OH on June, 16th, 1978, Andi came into this world wanting to make a positive difference through every experience that life had to offer. After graduating from Marietta College, Andi quickly satiated her affection for self-discovery and the unknown by moving to Boston, MA. She began her career in political communications with the Massachusetts Governor's office and Department of Economic Development.

After leaving Boston in 2003, Andi moved to New York City and worked in the corporate communications office at Miramax Films and later at Air America Radio. Yet Andi's fierce spirit and determination to make a difference in this world were made most apparent when she moved to Baghdad in August of 2006. Andi did not support the Iraq war; but believed strongly in promoting democracy and being a part of history in a positive way. She accepted a job with the International Republican Institute in Iraq before joining the National Democratic Institute in late 2006.

Andi wanted to use her education and skills as a communications specialist to help Iraqi political party leaders and parliamentarians develop strategies to rea ch out to voters and constituents. Andi's work helped to build the kind of national level political institutions that can help bridge the sectarian divide and improve Iraqi lives.

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